A Pill Hard to Swallow

by Quasarborn

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Mamula 03:50
There's no tomorrow At least not different from today Dark as the bottom of the sea Rotting away In a prison surrounded by waves As I pay for what I've done Choices I've made Built the walls of my lonely cell Rotting away In a prison surrounded by waves As I pay for what I've done Imagine escape From the fortress of Mamula Stone bleeding sorrow Many have left their bleak bones here Dress misery up as luxury Rotting away Please make the time pass
Sensing a great disturbance Mind blurry with unease The pain is real, both you and I can feel it What's to follow, world so hollow I'm a pill hard to swallow Deliverance sought in death of body or mind By misguided men The interludes are pointless I know it comes again The pain so real, both you and I can feel it What's to follow, world so hollow I'm a pill hard to swallow Aim to subdue this Endless stream of consciousness Failed, I must confess Endless stream of consciousness Reach for the sun thawing us on this great day All bleeding victims rejoice in sway To break these walls of mine Rebuild all the ruins that our fathers left behind Reach for the sun, thawing us on this great day All the victims now renounce the sway We break these walls of mine We pledge our lives to become the fathers of our time
Bastion 05:30
You don't wanna hear it But it's just what you need The one thing holding you back might be Just the very essence of your dreams In strength now baptize me Obsession denies me Madness has pushed me through hell and beyond Took years deciphering Things clashing inside me Now see this world for what it really is and be Unconditionally free Lift me up, strike me down I shall have no fear Nothing shakes my ABCs Bastion of sanity In me, persevere Nothing shakes my ABCs As you make your way Don't expect mice to be brave Can't teach lions to behave Rules are set and can't be changed Careful as you make your way Don't expect mice to be brave Can't force lions to behave Defeat them at their own game Never mind the outcome This is where I'll stay Grounded deep into my values Counting scars - the only thing I’ve known I’m taking the power Back into my hands Madness will push me through hell and beyond
No one can beat the animal grown inside No one can be the demon buried in my mind Identity catharsis - pantheistic son The thunders and the earthquakes come undone Testing the reborn one I soundly hold my ground Defying all the odds - yet flawed And thus proclaim man's victory over god I'm your bloody angel forcing you to grow Don't copy my wings, but weave your own Prodigy of the cosmos The path and destination merge into one entity Catharsis yields your identity Strolled some sinful paths, scapegoats paid the toll Do not judge my battles, fight your own Prodigy of the cosmos The path and destination merge into one entity Catharsis yields your identity
Atlas 04:55
Greet the world of hate Mechanisms of despair Kickoff your life unprepared for a Wasteland malevolent Taking your first steps Illustrating innocence They look into your tiny eyes and see the Future of a broken man First (last) line of defense (of defense) Imperiled now that you're aware (now you’re aware There's more evil in this world than sand (Don’t pray) Apathy (will sway) There's nothing left (But to, say) Answer hate with a thousandfold hate Scars don't fade away Confusion accumulates Judged by those you treated bad Even though they did the same Recognize mistakes Life turned around, efforts made Never will there be enough proof The shepherd boy and the wolf Welcoming your death Stories raise you up to Seth This bitter taste clenches your heart Values falling apart Few of those remain Who can go against the grain Can really tell the right from wrong And bear the strength for what has to be done (Last) line of defense (of defense) Torn down now that I forgive (now I forgive) People who like me just want to live (I pray) Apathy (away) There's nothing left (But to, say) Answer hate a different way today
Nothing 05:18
As I drift through endless space and time Quest for identity All this energy I channel into frantic suffering We all know that this will be the end of me Man's obsessive self-inflicted agony Nothing can stop this Never try to define me Monstrous will the fine be Never attempt to break me Shallow will our graves be And I contemplate the irony Of what I've let myself be A fish begging to reign in the trees Unfulfilled by sea mastery Yes, I know that this will be the end of me Man's obsessive self-inflicted misery Nothing can stop this Can anything stop this? Nothing can stop this Can anything stop this? Please stop this!
I breathe in and give my best to bury all the pain Time and time again, vain as it may be A part of me, forever restless now claims victory It destroys any hope of bliss Time and time again Won't this fade away I'd rather not stay Drowning in dismay All alone, surrounded by as many as can be They do not see me and I can't feel them there Struggling, to each his own woe seems the most extreme As rational as I can be I'm not spared of this belief I take the stage and rearrange the planets given to me by the gods Tables turn, I'm the one in charge, for now... This poise, so fake, will disappear, gone with your next selfish move Back to the abyss myself to prove to you I gave up so much to have you here You better be Sick of waiting for tomorrow Is it that weird? I'm not insane! You, unable to value all that I've done I curse the Sun Why can't you see? Humans make mistakes I'm not a demon I explode in screams with tearful eyes How can you hold all this in? Appalled by emptiness that you display After all the love I gave Grip, undefined Clench, freedom swept away We both drown This is not a war we're waging Words unrefined Kill what little we had Mutually drained No, there's no going back This time 'round The sadness borders hatred, consuming I try to be, aw hell, there's no myself to be Boiling point Confusion eats me, erase or forgive Life has a laugh, and stalemates with suicide Time and time again Until I stride into demise
The Ascent 01:21
Clouds 04:34
Beauty divine, blind my eyes and shine An overload Her black wings propel me to sacrifice my soul Once was my entity Drain all my blood for her to drink Grind my bones, burn my remains Time will tell, time will tell My body's laid among the clouds Rotten inside, behind this gleam it hides A bitter ghoul We compete, wallowing in misery Ending, no doubt, severe Bidding to be the king of all the failures Been drowning deep in this search for perfection, over and over again I want to believe, but the signs are so clear There never was a bridge The pill takes effect and I start to suspect: You are me
The Humbling 06:12
I face this nemesis all alone Stripped to the bone Supremacy I'll validate! I cannot take this anymore Hey, don't wanna fight this day Don't wanna fight it Stale, weary of suffering Burying the hatchet Teach me to surrender Guide me while I wander, find peace, grow, let live and To be my own mender Come and humble me through pain Lost in the streets of redemption Crawling on needles and pins Pain, my dear friend, once you abandon me Expose the true ordeal One's free to die, free to live Shackles unsealed Anxiety Face the pain


released January 24, 2020

Quasarborn is:
Luka Matković – Vocals, guitars
Marko Danilović "Tihi" – Drums
Miloš Tomasović – Bass
Đorđe Luković – Guitars

All songs written by Luka Matković, except for Bastion & The Ascent (Matković, Danilović, Luković), and Identity Catharsis (Matković; Luković)
All songs arranged by Quasarborn
All lyrics written by Luka Matković

Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Luka Matković in Citadela studio, Belgrade
Cover, artwork, logo and design by Marko Danilović "Tihi"
Photography by Jovana Uzelac


all rights reserved



Quasarborn Belgrade, Serbia

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